Mama vs Mama

This post is dedicated to my dear cousin brother.  Every few days Hrit gets this huge doubt, "Mama is Bobby Mama a boy or a girl?" (Sorry about that Bobby) I presume I must have been preoccupied each time he posed the query. I brushed off his question with a.. "Of course he's a boy." or, "Boy, boy.. now finish your roti." or even "He's a boy baba.. now no more talking.. close your eyes and sleep." However, the query kept coming on and on. I was rather puzzled because it wasn't like he hadn't met my cousin. In fact they got along pretty well. So I asked, "Why do you keep asking Hrit?" He replied finally, "If he's a boy how can he be a 'mama'? He should be a papa, isn't it?" Hmmm that explains it all.