Happy birthday Shanti

It was the kids’ masi’s birthday and I decided to take them shopping for her. When you have kids.. anything you do… anything .. might have repercussions you haven’t even dreamed of.
The new clothes made Naisha decide that her ‘daughter’ must have a birthday too and hence new clothes. And so we are today celebrating Shanti’s birthday. Since she came to us when Naisha was two… she is today, two and a half years old.
We had some Diwali finery left over and I could fashion a skirt quite bridal in its glory and a scarlet dupatta too. It was some achievement considering the only stitch I know is the running stitch.
To my credit Naisha was almost crying from happiness at the ensemble. She pestered me for an earring and when I pointed out Shanti doesn’t have ears I was firmly put in place saying “It’s not for the ears it’s for her forehead.” Shanti has to wear a mang tikka for her birthday.
She looked quite pretty, really.

Little mama made much of her darling hanging all over her saying “Shantu which is your favourite colour?” Shantu what gift do you want?” then collected an assortments of gifts.. a chocolate, a pair of chappals, a pack of bindis, a mask left over from a birthday party, the drawing of a cake, a piece of ribbon which is Shanti’s ‘dupatta’. She then asked the brother, “What are you getting for my daughter?” to which he replied rather rudely, “Main kuchh nahin de raha hoon.” He had been pestering her for ages to come play ball with him and she hadn’t seemed keen what with the preparations for the birthday, so I can’t blame him for being a bit put off.

‘Shantu’ was then put on the ‘wheel chair’ and taken for a ride. A friend has been invited over to help. Streamers are being torn into confetti which will be thrown over Shanti as the caravan passes by. I have been called in to click pictures of the birthday girl.
The Barbies have been mercilessly thrown out of their pride of place and Shanti sits like a queen with bits of streamers all around her. The house is resounding with the birthday song.
The festivities continue…