Now that’s what I call a rocking Christmas

Isn’t it funny how sometimes nothing goes according to plan yet everything turns out fine. And so it was that we had a wonderful Christmas party.

First it was the venue. We wanted to have the party in the society clubhouse but were denied permission because no ‘religious’ functions were allowed. It’s not like we were planning on having mass or anythingL. We were told we could have a party but not a ‘Christmas Party’. So it shouldn’t be on the 24th, there should be no Santa, no tree, no gifts. We found another venue before we lost our heads over the mindless suggestions. A friend’s place it had to be.

Preparations for the party got underway. The cake was ordered, the sandwiches sampled (I enjoyed that part.. he he), the decorations were bought and the gifts chosen. We were on track.

Then some legal work came up and we had to be in Mumbai right on the 24th. Sigh! Considering it was Government work we had no idea how long it would take. Anyway we were up at 5.30 and on our way by 6.30 so we could get back by the evening. Four hours on the road, three very very long hours at the Registry office (where the kids drove us up the wall) and then another four hours on the road and we were back home. Rush rush rush … bath, dry hair, dress up and walk out all in half hour and we were at the party right in time.

Then the guy who was supposed to deliver sandwiches backed out. Dominoes came to our rescue with prompt service and super hot pizzas.

The Christmas Tree looked beautiful. The red and white balloons, the streamers, the carols and above all the kids dressed in their brilliant reds turned everything Christmasy. The home was warm and cosy. We’re glad we were ditched by the clubhouse.

We started off with musical chairs. It was a funny kind of ‘ruleless’ game. The kids cris- crossed across and between the chairs. They ran around them and wouldn’t stop even when the music stopped. They sat when they wanted to. They refused to be eliminated -- the eliminated ones simply carried their chairs and got back in the game.

Then we thought we’d try the ‘statue’ game.. where they had to freeze when the music stopped. It was the same story all over again and so we left them to dance while we caught up with each other.

Next morning Santa delivered the long-awaited gifts and was thanked over and over again with promises of being good ‘all of next year’. The evening was time for a family get-together. While Hrit watched the telly Santa hopped over again and deposited the gifts right under his nose without him catching a glimpse of the much loved old man. The poor boy has been going nuts trying to figure out how he did it. Pat on the back for smart mama J.

Then surprise surprise my 9-year-old niece managed to put the twins to sleep while we adults had a peaceful dinner.

I made up for my sad Diwali with a rocking Christmas. Happiness is complete.