Dressed all fancy

I'm not really a competitive person at all. Yet of late I've enjoyed participating in a number of contests. There have been some writing competitions which I enjoy because they make me write about things I might not take up instinctively. Besides, they take my mind off the kids for a change. Some have taken me down memory lane back to my own childhood which is a great feeling.

And so now I take on another one. Shruti's Artsy Craftsy Challenge .

This is my second time at Shruti's. I enjoy her challenges most because I know I can never win these ones since I'm not really a 'crafty' person, so there's no pressure. This one is about Kids' Fancy Dress Costumes.

Here's their first one. Hrit as Sher Khan and Naisha as Mowgli. The kids were in the Jungle Book phase and loved dressing up. I found these really easy to do.

For Sher Khan I got a yellow Tee and Tracks and painted on the stripes. The tail is made by twisting a clothes'-hanger in shape, wrapping newspaper to give it body, then putting on yellow paper and painted the stripes. I made a loop at the end and inserted a regular belt through it so Hrit could just tie it on. The headgear was a bonus.. I borrowed it from the local toy-library. Hrit refused to let me paint his face so this had to be it.

He just doesn't look menacing.. a happy Sher Khan
Mowgli was a cakewalk. I simply used an old asymmetrical animal print skirt and tied it on. One can use any animal print cloth. It works just great.
No animosity here: Sher Khan and Mowgli cuddle up

Last year they had a theme.. insects. Hrit had these black overalls so I got satin ribbons stitched on and got black stockings on his hands to hide that bit of white. Some wire was twisted into wings. Dustbin bags went over the wires and I painted on yellow stripes. A readymade hairband completed the look.

The Bee
.. and the ladybird
Naisha was a Ladybird. She had a red dress on which I got black rounds stitched on, black stockings, red band and wings similar to Hrit's with spots instead of stripes. That's it.

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