Just an update

Seems like ages since I was here.

First the important news.. we're not moving. Yay yay and yay again. The Husband decided to give his job-hunting feet a rest and so we stay on here two years in a row. He has been much more available of late, to our collective delight. However I must admit it's taking a little getting used to... this having him home early evening. We don't quite know what to do with him (and neither does he). His arrival coincides with the kids' play time. He's of course too tired to go play with them. While he and I want to share a cup of tea the kids are restless to get on with their play schedules and want me down with them. Sigh! Quite a balancing act.

Holidays underway...
...and I have to admit I was really apprehensive about having the kids on my hands all day. After two troublesome days they settled down and so did I after I gave up my gym aspirations. Seriously.. why must they start fighting just when I'm rushing off to the gym? However, since the gym has been out of the way we've been getting along fairly well. We're working on a rather interesting project. But more of that later.

What games do boys play?
That's one thing I need to figure out. What do you do with your son to keep him busy at home? Mine is not really interested in crafts or art or board games. Since the TV and computer are not allowed till afternoon I'm at a bit of a loss. He roams around troubling Naisha, begging her to play bat-ball. She obliges only occasionally leading to many a fight.

And that's why I've not been around my laptop. Entertaining the kids is serious business.

Next weekend I'm off to Lucknow. Fingers crossed since our train tickets are still RACed.

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