On a rainy day

The Carpenters got it all wrong when they sang 'Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down'. It's grossly unfair to club rainy days with Mondays... more so when they are not playing spoil sport with
birthday parties. :-)

When the rains came down this time the sister was here with us and decided to take a walk along with the kids. The kids were of course thrilled and masi immediately shot up many notches in their estimation. So there we were.. the kids in their raincoats splashing in the puddles, masi sans raincoat and I with an umbrella trying to keep myself and her dry even as I balanced the camera and tried to get some pics. Finally I gave up on masi and here's what I got.

They began a bit cautiously...
.. still trying to figure it out

Then they raced in the rain with Naisha leading

Hrit found a puddle
Post the shower..
don't miss how Hrit has turned a pair of socks into mittens.