On the road

This week's Thursday Challenge : "VEHICLES" (Trucks, Motorcycles, Cars, Buses, Bicycles,...)

UNICORN VEHICLE: Front of a bike and the back of a cart. We saw them in Gujarat where they're called 'Chhakdas'. Most are elaborately done up in the brightest of colours complete with blaring music for the entertainment of the commuters. Considering that they're noisy as hell the music has to be loud with a capital 'L' to be heard.

WORK IN PROGRESS: These trucks on the roads of UP come with the tops missing. There's just a small cabin for the driver and that's it. I've no clue why they're left like that.

That's what they look like from the back

FAMILY VEHICLE: Some might worship motorcycles for style and speed but in UP it's just that.. a family vehicle.

LONG DRIVE: Hrit gets to drive an auto from California to Mumbai :-)