What a Diwali it was

Caution: Long post alert.. this one's really long

Happy Diwali all you people. What a day. No matter how much I pre plan and prepare Diwali is always crazy and I find myself racing to keep up with the day. This, despite simplifying everything from cooking and cleaning to the puja. Wonder how my mum did it all... the massive cleaning, the lavish cooking, endless hunting for the perfect Ganesh Lakshmi, the scouting for that perfect kandil for the doorway, lining the entire driveway (and we had a loooong one) with candles, dressing up and finally the elaborate puja. I forgot to add that there would be guests dropping in all the while too.
The day began peacefully enough...
The kids fortunately were down playing almost all day leaving me to change sheets, cushion covers, table covers and set up flower arrangements undisturbed. The Husband was glued to his phone with his colleagues, ex and present, discussing Diwali auto sales. His exclamations would make you think he was Rahul Bajaj or Anand Mahindra with the profits flowing into his own personal account... the happiness he gets out of such conversations, My God! Strange na how when the kids leave you alone it's like 'Wow' but when The Husband leaves you alone it's like 'Grrrrrrrr'.

A clean and pretty house is so
rare and such a pleasure

By the time I reached the kitchen it was noon and The Husband had taken the kids firework shopping. They came back with Naisha in the middle of a hunger-driven tantrum demanding to be fed by 'Only Mama'. However, one monster story and they were both eating out of my hand, literally.

.. and then the kids took over
A short rest and it was back to making rangolis and getting set for the puja. A friend dropped by with a Diwali gift. The kids took it away to their room and managed to open not just the one meant for us but even the one she'd got for someone else. I discovered the earth never does open and up and swallow you no matter how desperately you pray. And so I apologised till I was blue in the face, offered them fresh wrapping paper which they graciously declined and then bid a hasty farewell. Whew!
WARNING: Don't come to our home with a gift not meant for us.. don't EVER come with one wrapped in pink and one in blue... apparently that's where the confusion started.
Note to Hrit and Naisha: When you're older and start to find your parents embarrassing.. remember what you put us through and bear with us.

While I got the rangoli ready Hrit managed to knock down and break the Ganesha idol we'd got for the puja and came within an inch of being whacked by the frustrated Husband who had been made to go and get it at the nth hour. That was not the end though. They fought over the rangolis, stepped into them, got colour over their new clothes..making Diwali look like Holi, and generally got in the way as much as they possibly could. They were on a roll.

Naisha, the brave
Finally we finished the puja and went down for the fireworks. Naisha turned out to be the hero of the moment. She jumped around lighting up chakris and anars without a shred of fear, first with The Husband's help and then on her own while I watched with my heart in my mouth. She so reminded me of Zoya from 'The Zoya Factor'. If you haven't read that book, you must. Hrit meanwhile stood back hugging me scared to even take up a phuljhadi. Since I am a legendary darpok when it comes to fireworks Naisha amazed me. The Husband called Hrit a darpok and got an earful from me. But then sensitivity is not his strong point.

Can you believe this?
That, ladies and gentlemen, was how my Diwali went. How was yours?

PS: Days before Diwali Hrit had been pestering me to make a '30' so that 'Goddess Lakshmi would come home'. It was just yesterday that I realised he meant an 'Om' :-D
Leftie, forever