The results are out...

Measurement time at the gym. It's like an exam that I want to put away, always.
I've lost some weight I know ... but they have something called the 'body composition analysis' which tells you whether you're losing weight the right way.

So well.. I was okay on the weight loss front but along with the fat I've lost muscle mass ... not good at all. It's inevitable, say gym veterans. But I'm not too happy.. I really need to do this the proper, healthy way. So no more climbing mindlessly on that treadmill/cycle and staying there for ever. Less cardio more weights, pronounced the trainer. More proteins in my diet too. Soy Milk.. yuk plus I HATE weights.

Bone density is down too.. another no no... Calcium supplements on the way.

And the final verdict.. my metabolic age is 50 years... yikes. I need to get younger. But that's the best part.. you can get younger... yay.

Last word: I'm behind my November target by a few 100 gms. Hope to make it up this month. Walk walk walk. .. eat right, eat right, eat right.

Last last word: Made laddoos today, Naisha's farmaish. Imagine spending an hour rolling that ghee-sugar-steeped mixture into laddoos and NOT popping a single one in your mouth. Nope that's not what I did... I did not 'not pop'.

PS: Can't get the 'Kolaveri' song out of my head. Heard it anyone?