Crafty Sunday

This is a post long overdue. It would have died a quiet death like so many before it had the last date for Shruti's Artsy Craftsy February challenge not come up. Here it is.. my entry.

In a moment of weakness I promised Naisha we'd make some nice 'hearty' crafts for Valentine's day this year. I keep having these moments of madness even though I often regret them. This time Hrit fell ill and drove all thoughts of celebration out of my mind.

However Naisha wasn't about to forget my promise. Not just that, she also invited some of her friends over. "We'll all make 'sooper' things with my mama," she told them all. So it was that the Sunday before Valentine's Day a group of girls descended with their paints and brushes ready for some action.

Seeing there was no way I could wriggle out of this one I left Hrit to watch the television and thought we'd make something quick and easy and get it over with.

Here's my pack of girls all set.

We started off with simple heart badges. We cut out heart shapes from coloured paper and the girls decorated them as they pleased with the name of the receiver in the centre. Finally we put on tiny bows and the badges were done. They didn't seem too impressive till we saw almost all the children of the society wearing them in the evening. Pretty cute.

Next we did table place mats. I brought out old magazines and ad fliers that had come in with the newspapers on Sunday and cut out heart shapes. The girls got mat-sized chart paper/ handmade paper to stick on the hearts. There were 'pizza hearts' and 'sunset hearts' and when I couldn't keep up with them I simply did some from coloured paper. The older ones went ahead and drew some figures too. What fun.

Finally we put some ribbon´╗┐ and got them laminated.

BTW a bunch of girls is not easy to handle. One of them wanted to make seven mats because she had seven members in her family. Then another one requested, "May I make a small one at least for my baby sister?" Gosh how tough it is to handle all the requests specially when they're made so sweetly.

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