Packing up for the summers

You know how parents, once upon a time, used to prepare for their daughter's wedding, collecting her trousseau over years? Well that's how I prepare for my visit to Lucknow. I collect clothes over the year for this month-long trip.

Not that I don't have clothes. The thing is my mum like us to dress according to the weather, which basically implies pastels through the Lucknow summer. My wardrobe, on the other hand, is ALL BLACK for obvious reasons. If you're one of the lucky ones who needs to wonder why.. well then because it makes me look the thinnest. Fortunately Pune weather allows me to wear black for almost 10 months of the year.

When I do need a break it's all about bright colours - saffron, yellow, turquoise, scarlet, fuchsia, maroon. Oh I love pastels, but only when other people wear them. I seriously do not notice them at all. Sometimes I go out with a serious intention of buying them.. but come away with more blacks. Sometimes I've bought them too but they remain languishing in a forgotten corner of my cupboard while the blacks and the brights are worn thin and replaced over.

My compromise then is ... white.. I like white and mum should be okay with it too. So I build a 'Ma collection' around that colour as my Lucknow tryst nears.

Come to think of it clothes are 90 percent of my packing. Check out how...
1. Summer homewear.
2. Nightsuits.
3. Semiformals for outings.
4. Formal party clothes since Lucknow is teeming with relatives.
5. Warm clothes for our two scheduled trips to the mountains
6. Swim suits since we might go to a waterpark.
7. Gym clothes for me ... Yup I hope I can make it there a day or two each week.
8.. and finally socks, belts, towels....

Finally, sat on the bag to zip it up and I'm done. Meanwhile, others are packing as well. I was searching frantically for my lip-balm today and Naisha retrieved it from her bag where she had 'packed' it away.

So people we're off for the summer vacations. Postings will be a bit erratic. Bear with me.

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