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Dear blog,

Last we met I was packing my bags for Dehradun about a month ago. Yes I understand your concern at my long absence. No, I haven't been in Dehradun all these days. I do understand how lost you would have felt with no one to look after you and get you your dose of posts. Now don't be dramatic, you really weren't in danger of imminent death.
Come on you know how it is in May and June.. what with the holidays, the reunions, the shopping, school reopening and the kids' birthday I really did have my plate full. Those are NOT plain excuses. Give me a break. No, I wasn't just shopping and chatting all the while. Even if I were, I'm in my city with my family just this one month each year. Yes of course you are family too but I really have been busy. Come on you know you're important to me. Now stop sulking. Really, The Husband bears my absence so much better than you. What? He couldn't have been celebrating. That's a mean thing to say.
Will you stop smirking !!
Yes... well I'm sorry too. And I promise to you more posts... plenty of them. Thanks for being there. Muah!


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