We are Maganlal Dresswala

Check this out....

1. Sher Khan from The Jungle Book
2. Mowgli from The Jungle Book
3. Ladybird (2 sets)
4. Bee
5. Octopus
6. Jelly Fish
7. Air Hostess
8. Pilot
9. A river
10. An astronaut
11. Planet Venus
12. A Russian dancer
13. Spiderman
14. Nurse
15. Baker (2 sets)
16. Queen of Hearts
17. Spider

That's our DIY fancy dress inventory. Crazy isn't it? The kids have worn all of those over the years, of course not counting the ones I've rented/borrowed from kind friends. Add to this sets from varied annual day programmes and you'll know why the kids' cupboards are overflowing with clothes they do not wear... and this in just the four years since they started school.

I really should host a dress-up party for the kids and their friends.

Getting back to where I left off in my last post -- the fancy dress was a grand success. They looked glittery enough and scary enough to each of their complete satisfaction. Here's how they looked..

A crown, a cape, an apron and a heart worn over a red and white dress.
Naisha painted a thermacol plate with hearts and also made some playdough tarts
(which were demolished before they got back home).

I swear I didn't ask her to show off her cape.

That's the spider. Erstwhile octopus tentacles were covered with black ribbon and poof! they turned into spider legs. Hrit wore them with slings. A piece of black cloth with the web, a hole cut out for the head to go in and tied at the sides with black ribbon, worn over a black T shirt. This one was easy.

Obviously, this then is our entry for Shruti's Artsy Craftsy Challenge .
A glittery Queen of Hearts crown
Scallops cut into some red chart paper.
Paint on fevicol and spread glitter. Shake off the excess (and store for a glittery craft another day).

Paint on silver hearts
Add tiny hearts cut out from silver paper.
We're planning to help Naisha's friends make similar crowns, the colour preferences are already pouring in. My only reservation is ...... the glitter. It has a nasty habit of spreading itself all over the house. It's been two days since I finished that crown off and I'm still trying to get it off me.
Even though this was easy enough Naisha didn't help with it at all so we'll probably have to have another entry. I had fun, though.

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