5 lessons I learnt at the gym

That's me exercising
Picture courtesy: H

1.Patience patience patience...
...while you wait for your ten minutes at the cycle which is now occupied by a terribly overweight woman who cycles for 40 minutes at level 1 while reading the latest issue of Femina. Patience.

2. Stop being judgemental
'Overweight', did you say? Well check out yourself in the mirror first. Besides, that woman at the cycle is 60 years old. That other one who who's been at the gym for years without losing a gram and who you've been sniggering at, has a thyroid problem. So there!

3. Persistence pays
Yes it does, always. Keep at your fitness programme long enough (2 months at least) necessarily coupled with a careful diet and there's no way you won't lose weight. And it's no use not being regular or doing one and skipping the other. It's no use. That's something I so need to remember. I've had a bit of a depression creeping in since the weighing machine's been refusing to cooperate of late.

4. Be optimistic
One day I WILL lose weight. That's what every weight watcher firmly believes. That I've kept going back to the gym over the past many many years is proof enough. It's the optimism that keeps you going.

And most importantly

5. Believe in miracles
Even if I ate like a you-know-what yesterday and even though I haven't been to the gym in ages I would have lost weight. I believe in that every Monday morning, post every vacation, after each festival break... always... even though I know it's just not possible, even though it's never ever happened. But then that's the thing with miracles they defy logic.. right? So one day it will happen. Meanwhile nos 3 and 4 will have to do.

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