To celebrate or not

It's Women's Day today and it would have gone by without a post had the Husband not entered at 10 in the night bearing a cake. No I wasn't surprised.. that's too mild a reaction.

The kids were thrilled.. Naisha moreso because as the youngest lady in the house she had the privelege of cutting the cake.

Naisha stuffed the last bit of her food into her mouth and got ready to cut the cake.
That's Hrit's hand sneaking in for a lick!
Through the day I've been receiving messages from many of my ebullient friends wishing me for Women's Day. Then there is the other bunch who said 'What's special about today??' Every day is Women's Day or 'What's the point in celebrating Women's day when so many women across the country are not safe/are suffering?'

Well both have a point. However I'd rather go with the enthusiastic lot rather than the Scrooges. Yes March 8 will not change the state of Women across the country. However, instead of debating whether to celebrate, why not take the opportunity to be grateful for being one of the priveledged minority while pledging to do something for those others who are not? Of course you could have already done that yesterday or the day before that, or last week.. well then consider March 8 a reminder.

The same goes for other days.. Valentine's day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. However, I do draw the line at Hug Day, Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Slap Day, Kick Day... hey I'm not making them up.. those really are 'days'. But then that's just me. If you feel like it.. go for it.. celebrate them all. Life's a celebration after all.

MEanwhile here's some cake for all my women friends with the hope that the coming years will get only better and have great things in store for all of us across the world. A very very happy and empowering Women's Day to all of you.

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