To Sir with love... Or ma'am, if you please!

I've admitted often enough I'm a last minute person and so of course despite reminders from good friends it was last evening when we got down to working on our Teachers Day craft. It had to be something quick and easy - that's all we had time for, anyway.

At the stationer's shop as I was picking up some glitter paints I found another hapless mum, a little girl tagging along, asking the shopkeeper for 'inexpensive gifts'. Apparently the little one wanted gifts for not one or two but ten of her teachers. Couldn't help smiling at the mum's predicament as she see-sawed between a host of pens and keychains. As she saw me picking up the 3-D paints she seemed pretty inspired. She managed to convince her daughter to make cards instead and walked away with a bunch of glitter paints! I made a craft convert :-). Yay!

I picked up some sheets of foam, some glittery ribbons and paints and we went to work on our fridge magnet photo frames... Two each for Hrit and Naisha. Thank the good Lord I didn't have to work on 20.

Hrit always likes to work to his own ideas. Even if he likes mine he will undo it completely because it has to be 'his' idea. Naisha on the other hand is often ready to accept my suggestions and will simply add to them... How different are the two of them!

Here's what we made.

These are Hrit's, done completely on his own..

And these are Naisha's with some help from me...

A simple contraption at the back to hold the picture.
And here's one more idea.. Contributed by the SIL. My niece asked for, hold your breath, 15 handmade roses. Check them out... Paper flowers with toothpick stems and a leaf that says 'Happy Teacher's Day'. Isn't it just perfect to make her smile?

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