A good morning!

Some days are just happy days. Today seems to be one such. The kids woke up on their own a good half hour before I even start waking them. They then decided they wanted to get dressed 'all on their own' and they did. Some half an hour before time they were dressed and ready. N sat reading a book while H took to the juicer and made some Mosambi juice with Abba's "I have a dream' for the background score. Bliss! Contrast this with a regular day when we go down N's cheeks bulging with breakfast and H running back home to get his skating kit.
Moral: Early to bed and early to rise starts your day with a happy surprise 
(Pathetic rhyming, I know but I'm happy enough to not care).

While on music.. H has opted for it at school and comes back humming. Last week it was 'give me oil in my lamp'. This week it is 'I have a dream'. Brings back happy memories of my school days.

In other news...
We got our TATA Sky upgraded and H wanted the empty carton to play with. Trying to put him off I said "Papa wants to see the box before you can play with it so wait till he comes from office". Pat comes the reply "why don't you click a picture and send it to papa on his phone, and he can tell me if I may have the box?" Seriously the kids are getting too tech savvy for comfort.
Moral: Trying to put off kids with excuses works no longer. A simple 'No' is best.

And some more news..
H had been pestering us for a Playstation. Not a great fan of gadgets, we put forth a seemingly impossible task. H had to get a perfect score in ten consecutive tests and we'd get it for him. Yeah.. You guessed it... He did it and now we're in a bit of a bind.
Moral: Never underestimate the power of a play station.

And now I'm off to the gym for my daily dose of endorphins! Have a great day everyone.

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