P is for Pintsized wonders

Since my Pint sized Progeny came along there never has been a Peaceful moment. My life turned into a Potboiler. Our home has lost its Pristine state and is now in a constant state of Pandemonium.

That's not to say I wasn't Pleased when the gynaec Pulled them out. I'd no clue they'd Planned to come in a Pair. They were just Perfect. While N was Peppy and Perky H was doing Poorly. He took time to get well.

Since then N has remained Petite but H has grown into a Prodigiously Playful boy. But then she's no Paragon either. 
She matches him Punch for Punch. They are constantly Pitted against each other yet turn Partners in crime.

Can you believe my Plight then? No longer am I the Placid woman of my youth. Had anyone Pointed out to me that life could be full of Precarious yet Precious moments, I would have thought them Presumptuous.

I get to Play Plenty of roles - a Policewoman, a Pacifist and a Peacemaker all rolled into one. Sometimes I also need to Pass out Punishments but the Pint sizes never hold it against me. Then there are moments of Pure Pleasure when they've been good and I get to hand out the Prizes. 

I quite enjoy it all.

The Pertinent Point is that the Precocious Pint sizes are indeed a lot of fun. Besides they are my contribution to Posterity!

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