Whew Diwali..

So Diwali has gone. I have to admit it's a bit of relief. Oh I like Diwali, in fact I like all festivals but they do turn your life upside down. There's loads to do. You are overworked and the maids are overworked and are always in a hurry and more than a little cranky.

The kids are in the way.. Either they're disconnected with the cleaning and decorating, which irks you no end or they want to do everything and that's worse because you have to think up ways so they can help without doubling your work. The hapless souls got more than their share of yelling thanks to frayed nerves. Not that they seemed to mind. Egged on by friends they kept up a steady list of completely non priority demands.. May I have a pat pat gun? May we buy some Lotus flowers? Can we get home the PS 3? In fact when I took some time making the rangoli for the puja N asked if we cold postpone the puja to the next day and go down for the fireworks right away. Priorities!

When we did go down she discovered a sudden fear of fireworks. Last year she was the one going crazy setting off rockets and anars while H stood in a corner trying to pretend he wasn't scared. Well this year he got over his fear and N developed cold feet to the extent of dropping the phuljhadi even before it was half done. I've no clue what has brought this on. Investigation is pending!

H on the other hand was all over the place, a phuljhadi in one hand and his dhoti in the other (despite repeated assurances I could not convince him that it wouldn't fall off if he let it go).

The Husband probably puzzled and very annoyed by his star performer's seemingly irrational fear, gave her a piece of his mind. By the time I reached down after wishing a few friends N had been home in search of me and when I 'didn't open the door' had assumed I was 'lost' and was crying in one corner.

We had kept the menu simple. I did manage to make jimikand (or Yam). According to North Indian folklore if you don't eat Yam on Diwali day you are reborn as a chhuchhundar (Wiki calls it the Asian House Shrew). And so I saved my family from an extremely smelly next life (Oh yeah they smell BAD). For the record the yam kebabs I tried (for the first time) turned out quite delectable.

So that was our Diwali!!

I might not agree with Scrooge but I can see where he was coming from.

Managed to get them to pray
The hurried rangoli
Loved these floating candles.
The markets had such pretty stuff I wanted to bring it all home.

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