Blessing in disguise

She shaded her eyes scouring the streets for an auto. “Who will be out in 45 degrees on Sunday except a slave like me?” she grumbled moving her heavy bag to the other shoulder. She cursed her boss for insisting she send the report today.

“Hi, may I drop you somewhere?”
There's something about men
on bikes.. isn't it?
It was HIM, the new guy in her society, quite the handsomest man ever.
‘You going home?” His dimples shown.
‘I umm… yes.” She realised she had been staring and was now stuttering.
‘Well hop on, then.”
And she did.
She loved her boss.

What a blessing in disguise!

Linking to 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe for the prompt 'A Blessing in Disguise' given by the wonderful Shilpa of 'A Rose Is A Rose is A Rose'.

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