100 Happy Days - Week 3

Yeah we're in Week - 3. If you've been around you'll know that I'm trying to find one happy thing each day, hundred days in a row as part of my own version of the 100 Happy Days project. I am hoping to take it through the year after the 100 days are through. So far 2014's proved to be a happy year. The New Yeary feel is still with me.

Here are Week 1 and Week 2.

Each day I end up with many many more than the prescribed 'one'. However one happiness that's been eluding me is my weightloss target. I'm hoping putting it down here will inspire me to try harder. Maybe next week it'll be on my list.. I'm short by 500 gms. Think that's easy?? Well last week I was short by a mere 300 gms. So there. This weight thing is tricky as hell. It can swing any way.

For now here's my list for the week..

Happiness is..

The kids 'cooking' their own milk...

Which essentially means pouring, warming and adding sugar and Horlicks. No big deal there. But their pride and their happiness is crazily contagious. "We're all grown up na ma?" said N.

Catching a favourite, much-watched film yet again....

and having the leisure to watch it. Hunger Games..on the telly.

Table for four on Sunday

... and wondering how I can overeat even when the menu's a basic chhole-chawal!!

N cleaning her cupboard on her own...

This one actually deserved a full post considering it was completely on her own initiative. She emptied her cupboard and it was such a scary sight that I offered to help. Here's what she had to say.. "Main mehnat se nahi darti, bas aage badhati hoon."  :-|. (Note to self: Need to do something about this very filmi brand of Hindi the kids are picking up from the telly). But she did clean it up and happily posed for the picture.

Comparing rings with your daughter and losing the contest..

Need I say more??

A latte at CCD 

Love love that heart. 

.. and then a cake n coffee meet with mums and chintus

That's my list. What's made you smile this week? Do do share ... happy people make me happier.