100 Happy Days

Thanks to a blogger friend I stumbled across this site www.100happydays.com.

This is what you're supposed to do - post a picture of one thing that made you happy each day for 100 days. Isn't that a wonderful idea? I desperately wanted to be a part of it .. but the daily commitment scared me. There's something about a daily challenge that I find very daunting.. and a picture at that! Even though I'm notorious for picture-clicking it's tough to whip out your camera at every happy moment. Some of them are to just be enjoyed and stored away in your memory, aren't they?

So I'm taking a middle path. What I can and hopefully will do, is post a happy post at least once a week.

Since something super happy did happen yesterday here I go...

A happy surprise!

Isn't a happy surprise the best ever? Two days back I forgot my iPod in the gym and was pretty heartbroken - one because it's such a lifeline to my exercise routine and two because it was a birthday gift from my sister. I'd given up on it what with the scores of people coming in and out of the gym. But wonder of wonders.. the cleaning boy had kept it safe and handed it right over to me the next day. By God I could have hugged him. He seemed pretty overwhelmed as I gushed out my 100 odd thank yous. (Wonder what he would have done had I gotten out my camera to click his picture :-D)
That was happiness no 1.

Onto happiness No 2..

...which is also at the gym. I've been exercising more or less regularly for over 15 years now. And finally I've found my groove, as it were. Zumba -  a super cardio routine. It's an aerobic dance that combines Latin and other international dance forms. Go here to read more. I've said it often enough that I'm not a dancer and so I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. But what absolute fun it's turned out to be. That's perhaps the only place I let go and have a blast, bad knees and all!

We're a mixed bunch of girls/women.
- There are the really good ones who move like a dream.
- Then there are ones like me.. who just about manage to move to the beat without much grace - a 1, 2, 3, 4.. kind of thing
- Then there are others who don't even get the beat.
- And finally there are some who should come with a 'keep distance' banner.. so uncoordinated are they. Hands and legs kick out in all directions.. off beat, off time.

I'm sure we make for quite a sight

But the thing is
It just doesn't matter.

Everyone has a great time. There's something wonderfully warm about being happy together. The icing on the cake is our super sunny-smiled trainer. Thank you P for a wonderful time each week!

Those were my happy moments. What made you happy today? Do share it here.
Cheers to a great weekend.

Linking to ABC Wednesday for the letter Z.

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