100 Happy Days - Week 4

Hey everyone, we're in week 4 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

What a crazily packed week this has been. However, it ended in a very laid back lazy Sunday so that kind of balanced it off. Life's been good. Touchwood.

Here's my happiness list for the week..

Happiness is..

1. ....waiting for the sun to rise even while the moon refuses to go home....

... then finally when it shows up the clouds come by to steal its thunder. But the sun takes it in its stride and instead of sulking turns them a lovely red gold (perhaps it has also taken on the Happiness Challenge.. hee hee!!) Now that's the attitude I like.

2. ...the needle moving

.. the right way. It's time to put your hands together ladies and gentlemen -- I've gone back to my pre-Goa weight, finally. What I put on in a week, I've taken a month to kick off. The bold and underlining is to remind me how tough the whole thing is, next time I go on a binge. Sigh!!
But no dwelling on the past.. now I start my New Year target. As if on cue, the gym has announced a weightloss contest for February. I'm not going to win it, of course but I'll surely be in it!! I do so love the whole excitement... the discussions ..
What did you have for dinner?
Haw! you had ice cream?
I made this super salad yesterday
Darn I have to eat out tonight.. .
I managed 4 ltrs of water yesterday..

Oh the excitement is so contagious and so much fun. And as always, I love the happy group feeling. Few years back we had the same contest. I blogged about it here. Everyone lost weight, at least a kg or two.. everyone! How cool is that!!

3. ....a day with an old friend

A school friend dropped in from Delhi. Pune is so out of the regular circuit we get very few visitors.. Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore seem to be the cities all my friends stay in and visit. This was a great surprise. She has two absolutely lovely daughters, all grown up. Just like newborns look universally cute, grown up daughters too always look pretty and responsible and bond with their mums in a special way that's a treat to watch. Such a change from my chhotus.
We chatted, relived old memories over masala chai and caught up on mutual friends. A great afternoon well spent.

6. ... green tea by N

Another easy yet important step for my daughter - she learnt to make Green tea for me. What made me happier was the way she'd set the tray.. might I add.. on her own.. I had a choice of sweeteners, a spoon and a box of biscuits. So proud of her!

5. ... a deliciously fresh and crisp fruit salad

Strawberries, apples and a just a few black grapes tossed together in a lemon and honey dressing with a dash of salt. You must try it.

6. ... chain blogging.

Some twenty of us blogger friends got together to blog about our earliest memories. It started with Suzy Que who tagged another one, then another and another.. and so on. The posts went live at half hour intervals and what fun it was. Messages flew back and forth.. Did you tag me? Is your post up? My predecessor's post isn't live yet. Check check.. Change the tag...All done!
I think we guys were responsible for a lot of FB traffic on Saturday morning. Did I just mention I love doing things in a group? Here's another example of how wonderful it is to come together and form a happiness chain!

7... and finally putting up your feet 

...and watching the world go by on a Sunday evening... bliss!!

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