100 Happy Days - Week 7

Over a month ago I took up the 100 Happy Days Challenge  (in a simplified version though) and I cannot believe I'm still here and enjoying it ever more. After last week's slump I'm back in my happy space and so this week's list is overflowing yet again. Picking and choosing from my favourites ..

Here's what made me happy this week

1. Red red strawberries

This year marks the beginning of my affair with strawberries. The first time I had them years ago I remember feeling let down because I expected them to be much sweeter having been exposed to the shake first. But this year the tangy taste, part sweet-part sour, has taken me over completely (I've no clue why). And when I do get an unexpectedly sweet one, it's just a bonus. Sounds like a life-lesson, doesn't it - Accept people with their sweetness and sourness and you come to love them.. that's strawberry philosophy for you!

2. Humming an old favourite

I heard H humming do re mi from his music class at school and that made me dig out my Sound of Music CD. After a long long time I revisited A few of my favourite things. Fun! By the way did you know do re mi has a sa re ga ma version that goes ....Sa se sagar yeh gehra sagar, re se  railgari dauri, ga se gana sab ko sunana...that's as much as I gathered from H.

3. Love notes in funny languages

That's H's special language.

4. Getting to choose from a happy bunch

I picked Malala. It's an amazing book about an amazing girl and her equally amazing family.

5. A lazy Saturday morning

Know what's even better than waking up late? It's that time when you are awake yet don't need to get out of bed. Bliss!

6. Amazing reviews at the kids' Open House

I'm not talking of academics here. Watch out for my next post. For now I'll just say, I felt a very proud mum this Saturday.

7. Face timing ..

It was a first for me though I've been an iPad user for almost a year now. What fun it was catching up with my sister, my dad and a dear friend too.

Come on guys let me hear from you.. what made you happy this week?


Linking up also to Marathon Bloggers for the last day of our week-long Feb challenge ''A story for every picture, a picture for every story" and today's prompt is 'Red'.

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