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As soon as a baby makes his or her debut before friends and family the 'resemblance' discussion starts. And so it was with H and N. One look at H's large feet and he was claimed by the Husband's 'side'. (at seven, he and I share a shoe size!!). N, was a bit of a mystery. She was definitely not like The Husband and not much like me either, at least that was the family consensus. Finally after much debate she was pronounced to look like my sister.. and that I think was how the first link formed.

The twins adore my sister...

My sister handles masihood brilliantly. She pampers the twins silly - buys them weird and wacky gifts, regularly treats them to ice cream, takes them for walks in the rain and even has the courage to take them to a toy shop and say that magic word 'choose'.

A special link..

However with N there's something special. Perhaps because N is a lot like her.. not just in looks but also in her personality. 
- They're both no food people (Dumping tiffins, passing over breakfast to siblings, not noticing that they haven't eaten anything for hours on end)
- Hence they're both thin as sticks (the sister was for a long long time)
- They both like to sleep in weird postures (that, I am not at liberty to elucidate here)
- Both have scant regard for authority (specially mine)
- Both are extremely impatient with my 'conservative' ways (yes already)
- And recently when N got braces they were in the exact same teeth my sister had hers (I never needed any)

As N grows up I've come to value this connection between them. While the kids are young she's a fun aunt. When they grow up, I see in her a special confidante who'll perhaps see their point of view better, because she has the benefit of perspective.

That's my sister teaching N the essential skill of whistling.. something I'm yet to master.
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