Tea time poetry

It's Day 5 at the Marathon Bloggers week long Feb fest, ''A story for every picture, a picture for every story" and today's prompt is 'Tea.'

And so dear all.. coming up for today's prompt is some very cheesy chai poetry :-)).

N learnt to make tea recently and has now been
promoted as my official tea-maker.  You should see
how proud she is, specially since H is the
acknowledged family chef .
Brew it, boil it.. make it any way
no matter how you like it, it'll brighten your day.

Some like it black, some like it green,
Some like it simply with a dash of cream.

Some like it spicy with ginger and cinnamon
tulsi and mint, peppercorns and cardamom.
This one's hot and'll make your eyes all blurry
It does make one wonder is it tea or is it curry?

Orange and vanilla, lemon tea and peach tea
These fruit salad teas are completely beyond me!
Some like in their bouquet, Jasmine and Chamomile
But all of these teas only make me smile.

As for me, the cup that makes my day,
Can be made almost any way.
It may be too weak or it may be too strong,
there are also times when it's isn't even warm.
But it has that flavour, the one I like best
It's the flavour of love that tastes the best.

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