What inspires me

- When a boat owners son grows up to be the Indian president he inspires me.
- When a boy who lost his father and had to rent out his musical instruments to survive at just 9 years, becomes a leading musician of the country he inspires me.
- When a young girl stands up to being gang raped by six men she inspires me.
- When a boy with a bad stammer grows up to be a super star he inspires me.
- When a young village girl scales Mount Everest she inspires me.
- When a cricketer combats cancer and gets back to the game he inspires me.

And there's inspiration closer home too..

- The working mum who comes home to housework and homework day after day inspires me
- My cook who's on her feet 10 hours a day so she can put her son in boarding school inspires me
- That little boy who's a quarter my age yet offers to help me with my vegetable bag inspires me
- The paraplegic old man who goes to buy his own bread and eggs each morning in his wheel chair inspires me
- My daughter who hugs me even when I'm yelling at her inspires me.

There's inspiration all around us. People who struggle, persevere and hang on for the sake of a dream, for the sake of their families, for the sake of their principles... amazing people all around. All we need to do is stop and look.
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