....And I'm back

No matter how hard I try there always is a month (at least) in the year when I go on an unintentional break. I am hoping this was it.

So after having swept, mopped and dusted my blog, here I am, jumping right in with the Drabble Challenge at Marathon Bloggers. Beginning today, we'll be doing one 55 fiction and/or one 100 words drabble each day for a week.

Today's 55 word prompt is.. "The broken promise" and here's my take..

As always, the wave came suddenly catching her unawares, overcoming her resolve, enveloping her in its intensity. And then it passed, just as suddenly, leaving her frustrated.. hating herself. This wasn’t the mother she’d promised to be. Hugging her tiny sobbing girl close, she resolved..
“I will make it happen. I will conquer my anger.”
Now for the 100-word drabble.
Today's prompt "She fell flat on her rear" 
Her daughter could do it. Even her clumsy-as-a-bear son could manage it. The gym instructor had suggested she try it. “Doesn’t seem like too big a deal,” she murmured as she readied herself for a try.
Carefully she placed her head on the pillow. Then slowly, very slowly she raised her body inch by inch till she straightened her feet right up in the air. The bood rushed to her head and the world was balanced perfectly upside down – for a fraction of a  second - and then she fell flat on her rear.
Yoga clearly wasn’t her cup of tea.

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