#Microblog Monday 1 - A book over the weekend

A well worn beanbag and a fun breezy book were the two things I had in my island of happiness this weekend. Sophie Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess is a great way to relax. What an absolute fun read! Wonder how I missed it despite having read a host of others by her.

The thing about it is that it's completely unbelievable in a very filmi kind of way. I mean what are the odds of someone giving up a high flying job (no matter how huge an error they make) to become a housekeeper? And mastering gourmet cooking over a weekend or two? Or having a handsome gardener at hand to ensure a happily ever after?

Yet it's highly relatable at some level. As in don't we all have 'to do' lists that remain 'to do' for ever? Don't we all have horrid bosses who hand over work just when we've something planned? And of course the cooking debacles! I too have tried boiling an egg in the microwave.

A weekend well spent!

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