For a good cause

 A few weeks before Diwali we were approached by a resident from our complex asking for old clothes and toys to be donated to an organisation close to where we stay.

As any mom with growing kids will know we have tons and tons of both, what with changing wardrobes each season. Nope that's not an attempt to keep up with the fashion houses it's just that the kids grow amazingly fast. And so we made out three large bags - clothes, toys and books.

That's where I think the idea germinated and N and her friends decided to take the cause further. They have long been fascinated with playing 'shop shop' where they sell imaginary things to each other. Combining both ideas they got busy crafting during their Diwali vacations. They painted diyas, quilled cards and made some other knick knacks like pencil tops and wall decorations. They then arranged them prettily in baskets and went around the complex selling them to the residents.

They managed to raise a small amount of money and took it to the lady who had approached us for the donations. She in turn got in touch with the NGO and came back with the information that they needed a cooking gas stove for their daycare centre. So a gas stove was bought and handed over by the girls. What a happy bunch it was that came home that day (after an ice cream treat for their efforts).

It was such a pleasant change to have this usually quibbling, arguing, gossipping bunch get together and do some good work. For once we had people patting us on the back for the kids' good work even though we had barely anything to do with it.

The most important takeaway was of course that it is not really tough to lend a hand if one decides to. If each small bunch in a building complex could get together for a small initiative such as this one we could have so many more smiles. Right?

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