Somedays I want
No food to cook, no beds to make
No laundry to foldno rugs to shake
No fights to sort of girls and boys
a little respite from all that noise
No kids who slowly drive me mad
Not even their ever wonderful dad.

Somedays I want to put up my feet 
to pick out a book and read and read
to sit in a mess if that's what I want
to wear raggedy rags I wouldn't dare flaunt
to swing in a swing or snuggle under a quilt 
to watch mindless TV without a shred of guilt.
to listen to a song and sing out loud
or lie on the grass and watch a cloud.

To rekindle a friendship over a hot cup of tea
A long forgotten friendship with myself and me.
In the books and quilt, the grass and the sky
Maybe that's where I'll find a little bit of 'I'.

Linking to ABC Wednesday for the letter 'I' with thanks to Mrs Nesbitt who thought up ABC Wednesday.

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