Pen, paper and some thoughts

There's something special about receiving letters - those handwritten ones on pretty little letterheads. I remember writing plenty of them, back in the old old days :-). 

Living in a far flung area of the city, my sister and I had no friends we could visit. So once school closed for the two-month summer vacation we were cut off from the world. We had no means of communication. No mail, no chats, no phones - not even a landline. So we'd write; as would our friends. We'd wait for the postman to deliver. And woe betide anyone who dared to as much as touch them. They were 'private' you see, even when all they had was how much holiday homework had been done, how many times the parks had been visited and how many films had been watched.

We'd even look forward to those letters from Reader's Digest. They seemed so personal. Yeah I know now it was just marketing. Growing up does take away the magic from so many things!

Then there was this whole idea about having pen pals. There were magazines with addresses of kids who wanted pen pals and I wrote to one of them once too but nothing ever came of it. I still loved the idea of sharing a bit about yourself with a stranger in a far away land. Perhaps, that's where this blogging thing began - this writing to strangers and making friends.

It's is wonderful how my blog has connected me to so many people I haven't ever met. We decided to take it a step further and send each other letters - proper hand written ones - just like the 'olden' times. Nope I refuse to label it 'snail mail' - that sounds mean! 

I wrote to Eli, who blogs at A Global Fusionista. It was like talking to a friend - a friend I hadn't met in a while - since Eli had been off her blog for sometime.

I received such a warm mail from her that it quite made my day. It is amazing how people from different nationalities, different backgrounds and completely different attitudes and experiences can connect in such a special way.

I got mine too from Swathi who blogs at Flightless Bird Thoughtful Wings. What's more it arrived right on Friendship Day last month. What a coincidence! She had plenty to share having graduated recently. Her letter took me back to the time when I had just finished college. How confused I was! How unsure, yet excited! It was a privilege sharing a bit of her hopes and dreams, her dilemmas and her decisionsA letter is truly so much more than blogging. 

I am hoping we can keep the connections going. How long has it been since you wrote to someone - really actually wrote? If you have a loved one in a far off land - your mum, a brother, a sister, a friend, a teacher - do pick up that pen and write to them. Then watch their surprise and pleasure, for nothing beats a handwritten labour of love.

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