Lights! Camera! Disaster!

A freind's friend happened to be doing a piece on twins for a magazine. Once earlier Hrit had missed a modelling chance (Brush with fame) so I was pretty excited. There we were, Hrit Naish and I, readying ourselves for a photo shoot. Now Hrit and Naisha might not be the best looking kids in the world (even though that's what I tell them at least ten times a day) they do look nice enough for about five minutes after they have been showered, scrubbed and cleaned. The challenge was to extend those five minutes for the duration of the shoot.

By the appointed hour we were all ready and waiting and clean. I'd prepared the kids the best I could (An uncle wll be coming to click a picture of you) and motivated them (read bribed and threatened) to behave themselves. That was my only concern.

The photographer came, surprisingly punctual to a minute. As expected Naisha was a dream.. she always is.. she posed and smiled and acted cute.. oh she's good at it. Hrit on the other hand is totally completely hopeless. He played with the reflectors and grinned at the photographer when he told him not to. He refused to look at the camera.. slouched on the sofa, then decided to recline and finally lay down flat on Naisha's lap. If the photographer said smile he put on that totally fake smile he has.. if he said 'sit on the sofa', Hrit slid to the ground or climbed onto my lap, if he said 'okay sit on mama's lap' Hrit was on my shoulders. We tried bringing in soft toys.. then we tried switching on the television.. useless.

We decided to work arond Hrit.. Naisha and I positioned ourselves beside Hrit.. but the catch was he was never stationary.. Finally he said 'let's do some masti'. Now that's what Hrit specialises at.. but when the camera was on him.. he just didn't oblige.

I think the photographer must've given up. He did take a lot of pictures but didn't seem too happy at the end of it all. I felt bad for the poor guy.. he'd travelled all the way from Chembur. However there was little I could do... Kids are and will always be unpredictable.

So that's how Hrit Naisha's brush with fame comes to an end. One thing is for sure modelling is certainly not Hrit's cup of tea.