Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're in print!

Despite Hrit's completely disobliging behaviour (Lights, Camera, Disaster) it seems the editors were magnanimous enough to include us in the article. So here we are in 'Mother and Baby' May 2010 issue. The picture says it all....

It's a strange feeling to make the transition from an interviewer to an interviewee. I remember being annoyed when people would constantly call up and ask, 'when is my piece appearing?' Now I felt like doing the same (but restrained myself). Then I wondered whether she'd do a decent job of the piece, while I confess I wondered secretly if I could have done it better. Egoistical, I know.. However, I must mention that the journalist did give me the option of writing myself which I had to decline because I was in the middle of shifting. Another journalist friend suggested I ask for a draft and that reminded me how I didn't quite like it when people asked me for a draft (I'm not a rookie, you know..I'd feel like telling them..I will do a good job). Besides, the real people of substance never asked for a draft.. only the nitpickers did.
And so I decided to trust her and here we are.. the three of us with Sunil making an appearance in the copy. Not bad at all.


  1. Goodness!!
    The similarities between our twins is so uncanny (except if you stamp Hrit's personality on my daughter and the same goes for Naish and my son). Its my daughter who is naughty, cheeky and full of masti and my son is the silent, graceful type :)
    BTW, the mumma and the kids look lovely. Great pic :)

  2. That's exactly what I think each time I read your posts. Thanks for the compliments :-)


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