Once an OM always an OM

A blog collage? It is just too much trouble, I thought when I saw it first at momofrs’ blog. Then it jumped at me from Monica’s blog both of who got it from Swaram . Oh okay I’ll do it. Might turn out to be fun after all.
The idea of the meme is to collate the first line of the first blog post of each month to see how your blogging year went. Here goes:

Hrit was spilling water the other day and here's what Naisha had to say to him

What's this obsession with the 'bad'?

Here's a conversation I had with Naisha

Hrit Naisha are increasingly teaming up against me and I'm not sure I appreciate it.

Despite Hrit's completely disobliging behaviour (Lights, Camera, Disaster) it seems the editors were magnanimous enough to include us in the article.

I’d been preparing the kids for a quite sometime for the shift to Pune.

It's crazy how many things one needs to teach the kids.

Our over ten year old faithful Microwave was murdered yesterday by an egg.

Like most young women festivals, for Naisha, are purely an occasion to dress up.

I had always been under the impression that my girl was a girly girl but O boy Naisha gave me some surprise.

Diwali’s a day away and I’m nursing the worst cold of my life.

This specs thing is proving not quite easy.

The collage is pretty much reflective of my blog.
8 out of 12 have the kids in the first line.
2 are about the kids.
1 is about me.
1 is a general topic.

No guesses there. I continue to be faithful to my name. The last two categories offer hope of a widening perspective, meanwhile it’s cheers to my bachchas.