Angel Day

Today has officially been declared as an 'Angel Day' by the kids. In case you're wondering .. it's a day when everyone tries their hardest to bring out the angel in them. Put simply, everyone has to be good. Remember the Angel Devil concept?

The rules (made by them) are as follows:-

for me..
I can't 'shout' or 'whack'

for papa
He must get back early from office
He must get sweets for them (detailed instructions regarding their choices have been given)

And for them...
They can't get cranky
They can't fight
They'll eat their food fast
They won't do naughty things

The maid is also included in this 'angel family'. Hrit tried to explain the concept to her saying, "Didi you have to be happy today'. When my Maharastrian maid gave him a smile and a totally blank look he thought he should explain... 'aaj aap happy rahiyega, okay?' he told her.

It's been an hour since the declaration and already.. Naisha's spilled milk while Hrit tried to 'help' the maid with the dusting trying to get her to hand over the bottle of Colin (an obsession of his because it works like a pichkari).

God help me. Waiting to see how the day turns out.

Edited to add: We did have a good day. We needed to remind each other over and over, though.. 'Bhai.. Angel Day', Naisha would say and Hrit would stop getting naughty. Each time I thought they were getting too boisterous all I had to say was.. 'Okay so does Angel Day ends now?' and they would quieten. It was fun except The Husband came unusually late but since he got the stuff he'd promised he was promptly forgiven. I must remember to do it again.