.. in the theatre, last Sunday. That's a huge reason to rejoice because the last time I was there was almost two years back  and before that it was in 2006. That's a bad bad average for someone who loves films and worse for someone who loves the whole theatre experience...

To begin with there's the
The big screen
The great sound system
The caramel popcorn.

The maid doesn't bother you
The doorbell doesn't ring
You don't have to yell at the kids to 'Keep it down'
Or dodge the ball as it lands on you while they play bat-ball
Or handle The Husband who just wants 'a cup of tea please'

It's just you, the popcorn and the film.. bliss.

Of course occasionally you find yourself reaching out for the remote that's not there but that's about the only hitch.
The Husband gallantly volunteered to take care of the kids while I went off with the SIL. Needless to say I totally completely loved the film .. oh did I forget to mention the name?.. it was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The whole idea of the film is so not me but so what-I-would-love-to-be... I mean what fun it would be to go off with a bunch of friends to do things you would never actually do on your own.
That was fun. Hope the SIL and I can do it again soon.

In other developments, last Sunday was also the day the kids got their Taekwando green belts. There was much excitement and they were pretty thrilled with themselves. Despite the tiny thing that Naisha is, she did better at the exam according to the instructor's feed back. So much for Hrit's macho act.

This weekend was given over to food. We went out for a great Chinese dinner and then I 'helped' the kids finish their chocolate mousse.. thus did I desert my diet. And now is the time I start dreading that weighing machine as I ready for the gym. Mondays, I tell you, are the worst days of all.

Edited to add: The verdict at the gym: 800 gms up. Too stiff a punishment for one night of revelry, isn't it? It's back to work now.

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